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Disney Rides - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

“It’s the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!” This exclamation is the first sound you hear when you hop aboard your train, pull down your lap bar, and head out onto Big Thunder Mountain. I absolutely love Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! Big Thunder is a fast-paced roller coaster with small drops, high speed, and some incredible theming. From the time that you enter the queue to when you step off the ride, theming is at the forefront of this classic attraction. Set in an old west gold-mining town, Big Thunder transports you back to a time and place where present day meets the old wilderness. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has been my favorite ride at Walt Disney World for many years, and there are so many reasons as to why.

Let’s take a look at some details about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

-Disney’s Description: “Race through a haunted gold-mining town aboard a rollicking runaway mine train.”

-Height Requirement: 40 inches (102 cm) or taller

-Located in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland

-Ride time is about 3 minutes long

-Top speed of 35 mph

-Does not go upside down

-Real antique mining equipment was purchased to make sure the area looked like the real deal.

-6 trains make up Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

-I.M. Brave

-I.B. Hearty

-I.M. Fearless

-U.B. Bold

-U.R. Courageous

-U.R. Daring

-Lightning Lane option with the purchase of Genie+

-No Single Rider Line

-Rider Swap is available for those with younger children

Is This Coaster for You?

I love Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but does everyone? The ride does have many tight turns, dips, and bumps. The drops are not too intense. Especially, if you ride in row number 1, you will notice that the coaster goes a little bit slower allowing the back of the train to catch up. With this said, the dips are a little greater in the front row due to the fact that you do not know when they are coming. If it's the speed you are going for, I highly recommend the last row as the train does not feel like it ever really slows down until the ride comes to an end. For an added thrill factor, ride Big Thunder Mountain at night, or during the fireworks. It just feels like it moves a little bit faster at night. There are some loud noises throughout, but this attraction is all in good fun. I would classify Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as the next step up from The Barnstormer, but not nearly as intense as Expedition Everest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad transports me back in time to when I was a kid, and this classic attraction at Magic Kingdom continues to take me back to those amazing memories. Now that you know more about the ride, are you ready to have a turn at “the wildest ride in the wilderness?”

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