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Disney World Christmas Parties on Sale NOW!!

This is not a drill people, Disney has released the Jollywood Nights AND Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tickets to anyone staying at a Disney World property, Shades of Green Resort, or Swan, Swan Reserve, and Dolphin resorts on party nights.

The Disney site is being inundated with people though, so prepare for a wait. I woke up and remembered the tickets at about 7:10 AM EST. I went for Jollywood Nights first, because I think that one will sell out the quickest, if not today. Those tickets were pretty quick to get. I only waited about 5 minutes in the virtual queue. Tickets were $159, but I was able to get a $10 discount with my annual pass.

The real wait came at about 7:20 AM when I went back in for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I waited for about 25 minutes before the site opened up for me. Then when I got in, I had some trouble. I originally began this on my phone, but when I went into the site it wouldn’t populate a calendar to pick a date. I refreshed, I closed and came back in, but still nothing. So I switched over to my computer. I had to rejoin the wait, but this time it was only a few minutes. This time the calendar worked, but I saw no button to add in my Annual Passholder discount. ($10 savings per ticket). I am currently on chat, and was told that annual pass and DVC members do get discounts, but only on select nights. She is currently verifying if the night I want to buy gets a discount.

Update: There is no discount on my night. I will be paying $189 for adults, and $179 for kids ages 3-9.

*Kids under 3 do not need a ticket! We have one that will be 3 in December, but we are going to the party before his birthday so we won't have to pay $179 for him this year. I know this is a hefty price, and if you’re coming to visit Disney World you’re already paying a pretty penny, but there’s nothing like Christmas time at Disney World. We love being there, and love the feeling Disney gives us. If you are only going to one party, I would probably suggest Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party. It’s at Magic Kingdom, and has cookies, hot coco, and eggnog available, and it’s included with your ticket! I’m very excited for Jollywood Nights, but since this has never happened before, I don’t know how great it will be, although I have high hopes!

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