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Updated: Jun 16, 2023

The smell of buttery popcorn, a beautiful moonlit night, the bright bulbs of Main Street USA, and that familiar music playing as the soundtrack for your night - do you make your way to Tomorrowland to ride the People Mover? Do you stop at Casey's Corner for a footlong hot dog? How about heading to Frontierland to ride my personal favorite - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? This feeling of opportunity is one of the best feelings in the world for me. For others, it could be a feeling of stress and anxiety.

Here at A Joel New World, it is my mission to set you up for the best possible vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort. I look to offer my personal recommendations and suggestions for making your visit to Walt Disney World less stressful and replace that feeling with familiarity and comfort. If you try to make every trip perfect, you may fail. Instead, if you make it your own, it will be so much more rewarding. Be on the look out as I share my Walt Disney World stories, words of wisdom, advice, and most importantly food recommendations! I look forward to this journey to share my experiences with you!

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